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Emirates Telecom Lab was established in 1999 to provide the service of Telecom Products testing for certification purpose. With its state-of-the-art facilities, this LAB is now a leading and one of the most advanced telecom equipment testing facility throughout the Middle East.

Manufacturers & Equipment Suppliers submit their products for rigorous testing and checking before they using these items on a specified network.

UAELAB provides a testing service on the telecom standards, the process itself involves a comprehensive range of tests in a controlled laboratory environment that check the safety, electrical and operational characteristics of the product. This is aimed to protect the end-user, suppliers/vendors and the Telecom operator.

On successful completion of the tests, each product is awarded a unique Type- Approval reference number. Also,  manufacturers are now able to attach the official Type Approval label to their approved products.




Ensure technical compatibility and effective inter-connection between the Telecommunication service provider and end-user

Our goal is the:

  • Protection of the end-user interests

  • Protection of national interests

  • Strict enforcement of quality standards for products

  • Ensure compliance with International Standards

  • Protection of the investment of suppliers and vendors


Service Benefits


Our Services will help the suppliers and vendors by assuring the compatibility of their products with the telecom network. This will protect their investments in new products and technology by ensuring that these products comply with International Standards and are compatible with UAE networks.

UAELAB Label, this mark will clearly distinguish to the end user the difference between type approved and non-type approved products. This label is placed on all type approved Equipment and may be used on the Supplier’s advertisements to assure the end customer of the equipment type approval status.


Suppliers’ Benefits


The introduction of new, superior IT/Telecommunication Technology by Etisalat has resulted in the United Arab Emirates occupying a leadership position in telecommunications in the Middle East Region.

Our test labs are staffed with qualified Engineers who undertake extensive and rigorous testing procedures by employing state of the art equipment. By approving your products, the UAELAB gives you the assurance that the products and technologies that are offering to your customers meet the high standards required to help you retain and develop your market share


End-User’ Benefits


In today’s sophisticated world of high-speed telecommunication and information technology, new products are being introduced daily. To ensure that you, our valued customers, are realizing your expectations from these new products, we test such products to investigate if it meets the UAE telecom specification. These tests, undertaken by the UAELAB, are designed to protect not only you and your investment from costly failure, but also the telecom network from products, which may degrade our quality of service.




Only UAELAB Certified Products are guaranteed to comply with the highest standards that have been set for safety and are compatible with the Etisalat network. UAELAB team of qualified engineers conduct rigorous and extensive testing on all equipment/technology submitted for Testing. UAELAB testing services includes various types of Customer Premises Equipment that can legally be sold in the UAE Market.

Our highly qualified team is provided with ongoing training and development programs to ensure that they are always up to date on new developments and technologies in the telecommunication field.

This high standard is also extended to the specialized telecommunication test equipment we use. Each piece of test equipment is carefully selected to ensure that it is capable of performing the tests required of it and is typically state of the art.



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